Radical Philosophy Conference 2015

For the first time, the RADICAL PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE takes places in Germany and discusses topics such as Acceleration & the New, Artistic Strike, Secrecy & Surveillance, Queer Theory & Geopolitics, Pedagogization, Philosophy of the Essay-Film, Animalities, On Organization.

Is the current acceleration of social life in capitalist societies qualitatively different from the futuristic speed of modernity? Does the art strike still represent a viable political response to art’s affirmative complicity with the market? What are the effects of the new forms of surveillance on our political condition? Is queer theory “merely cultural”? Is today’s “pedagogical turn” a capitulation to a generalized pedagogization or a site of a potential resistance? How does the essay film work to communicate philosophy? What happens when biopolitics takes human-animal relations as its focus? What alternatives are there in matters of collective empowerment to the political forms of the 20th century? These topics and questions will be discussed in a sequence of panels, bringing together international speakers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds.

mit Peter Hallward, Esther Leslie, ...

Datum & Uhrzeit

16.01.2015 (All day) to 17.01.2015 (All day)


John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10