The Struggle against Racism in Britain (1976-2012)

Its Implications for Justice and Democracy

The event at the Werkstatt der Kulturen is open to the public, and seeks to bring local perspectives on postcolonial justice into dialogue with wider, global debates. The programme includes a keynote address by Paul Gilroy, a panel discussion and an evening of readings by international authors currently living in Berlin.
The panellists are academics and activists living and working in Berlin who will comment upon the theme of postcolonial justice as understood both through the lens of their experiences as inhabitants of the city, and from the perspective of their theoretical interests as academics working in the field of postcolonial studies in Germany.

Paul Gilroy is known as a path-breaking scholar and historian of the music of the Black Atlantic diaspora, as a commentator on the politics of race, nation and racism in the UK, and as an archaeologist of the literary and cultural lives of the African diaspora. According to the US Journal of Blacks in Higher Education he has been consistently among the most frequently cited black scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

mit Paul Gilroy

Datum & Uhrzeit

30.05.2014 - 16:00


Wissmannstr. 32